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Rubio Monocoat

Oil Plus 2C A&B - Pure
This is a next-generation product that protects your wood in 1 single coat.
The combination of the oil (A) and the accelerator (B) ensures a quick dry, quick cure, and superior protection.

Only 1 coat | Natural Ingredients | 0% VOC | Water & Heat Resistant | Extremely Durable

Combination of Part A & B
Available in 350ml and 1.3L

- Only 1 coat
- 0% VOC
- Natural ingredients
- No overlaps or starting marks
- Goes a very long way! Apr. Coverage is 30 - 50 m2/L (300-500 sqft/L)
- Water and heat resistant, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
- Very fast curing: 80% in 2 days
- Can be used on all woods, floors, veneers, MDF….
- A short ‘dry’ maintenance period: after 5 days, surface can be cleaned with soap & water

Rubios Colours
Colours are available in 100ml

Oil Plus 2C A - Available in 40 colours
Part B (Accelerator) to be purchased separately if desired

We currently stock Midnight Indigo, Castle Brown, Smoke, Smoke 5%, Black, Bourbon, Charcoal, Super White, Cotton White, and Natural. Special orders can be arranged for other colours.

Midnight Indigo Rubio Colour Castle Brown Rubio Colour Smoke Colour Rubio Smoke 5% Rubio Colour Black Rubio Colour Bourbon Rubio Colour Charcoal Rubio Colour Super White Rubio Colour Cotton White Rubio Colour Natural Colour Rubio
The colours shown are for reference only. Visit the store to see the oil used on actual woods.

Pre-Colour Easy
RMC Precolour Easy is a pre-colour, designed to be used in combination with the Oil Plus 2C, to create special effects and contrasts.

Rubios Colours
Available in 100ml
Available in 14 colours

We currently stock Pebble Grey, Smoke Brown, Nordic White, and Alpaca White. Special orders can be arranged for other colours.

Pebble Grey Precolour Easy Smoke Brown Precolour Easy Nordic White Precolour Easy Alpaca White Precolour Easy

Reactive Effects

Rubio Fumed Reactive Effects
Available in 100ml

Rubio Monocoat Fumed was developed to create a greying effect for Oak (or any other tannic acid-containing types of wood) without causing harmful or irritating vapours.

RMC Fumed is always finished with RMC Oil.

Rubio Smoke Reactive Effects
Available in 100ml

Rubio Monocoat Smoke is a product that was especially designed to quickly give a smoked aspect to Oak (or any other tannic acid-containing types of wood).

RMC Fumed is always finished with RMC Oil.

Maintenance Oil

Rubio Maintenace Oil
Available in 500ml
Maintenance oil is used to refresh wood that has been treated with Rubio Monocoat Oil, as well as to upgrade surfaces finished with other oils.

RMC Universal Maintenance Oil will nourish the wood, give it a fuller look (satin sheen) and increase the fluid resistance. 

Maintenance with the RMC Oil Plus 2C in its original colour should be done when the treated surface starts to show too much wear and tear or if the colour needs to be repaired.
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