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Lignum Vitae
Guaiacum officinale

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Lignum Vitae
Florida, Caribbean, Central America

Alternative Names
Iron wood

Dark green and brown heartwood, oily texture, grain visually resembles animal fur, nice floral scent, one of the most dense woods on Earth, turns and polishes well

Common Uses
Ship parts, mallets, wheels

Interesting Facts
Lignum vitae is prized by shipbuilders. Not only is it extremely strong and dense, it is a self-lubricating wood. These characteristics make it ideal for propeller shaft bushings and bearings.

Stock may vary - please call or email to confirm availability

4/4   4/4 QS   Pen Blanks  
5/4   5/4 QS   Turning Blanks
6/4   8/4 QS   Slices
8/4       Live Edge Slabs  
10/4       Burls  
12/4       Plywood  
Lignum Vitae Turning Blanks
Lignum Vitae Turning Blanks

Projects made with Lignum Vitae
Have you made something with this wood? Please send us an email with a photo!

Lignum Vitae
Shawn Thompson
Lignum Vitae
Shawn Thompson
Jason Trudel

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